Ford Island Bridge 10K

Ford Island Bridge Run

Ford Island Bridge Run

I ran this 10K for the first time on Saturday. I found out about this year’s event through (what else?) Twitter. In fact, I found out that two of my Twitter buddies (@tadasauce and @typezero3) were going to be running it (@typezero3 along with his wife and one year old son) and another (@surfchik4jesus) would be walking it with her gang. This is one example of the power of socialization on exercise–it’s easier to sign up if others are going, and harder to duck out because people are expecting you.

This was my second organized running event of the year. I did the Great Aloha Run earlier in the year at about a thirteen minute pace, and the GAR is a longer event (8.15 miles versus 6.2 miles). I was starting to shift my training more to cycling than running, but figured I’d be doing okay as long as I ran two to three times a week before the event.

And then I had a gouty arthritis flare in my right foot.

For about a week leading up to my run, I could barely walk, let alone do any kind of exercise. The day before, despite still having some pain in my foot, I made my way through about two miles of slow running. Didn’t thrill me, but I was okay.

Got up early on Saturday to do the actual run. I didn’t find any of my running friends until after the race, although I did find my walking friend. I had never done this one before and found that the course was mostly flat, but almost entirely paved. The first is pretty nice, although hills don’t really kill me. The latter was not so nice, as I’m still pretty heavy (currently weighing between 180 and 185) and anything that will help to cushion my steps are welcome.

I had run the whole way in the Great Aloha Run, but it was not to be for this run. While I have gotten better in terms of pacing myself (I like to aim for about a 13 minute pace running), the issue wasn’t my foot (which is what I expected it to be, given that the arthritic pain was in my foot). It was, instead, both knees. I was able to run non stop until the three mile mark, at which point I walked for a couple minutes, ran again until the four mile mark, and continued like that until five miles. After five miles I ran the rest of the way.

As far as I know, I don’t have arthritis in my knees. At least, I’m hoping now. My guess is that because I hadn’t run for about a week except for the day before (and really, running at all the day before a longer running event tends not to be the best idea), I was jarring my knees more than they were accustomed to. At least, I hope that’s the case, because it’s better than arthritis.

While I have yet to see the final results, the ones that were posted at the time I left showed a 13 minute per mile plus pace; I thought I was under 13 minutes per mile, but I know that I wasn’t very fast, even for me.

Team Twitter post Ford Island Bridge Run

Team Twitter post Ford Island Bridge Run

Anyway, post run, I got to talk with my friends who did the run as well, and have some breakfast with them. That made it all worth it.

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    I’m glad you were able to participate! We’re so bad, we push it to the limit even when we’re not supposed to. I ran (well sort of but not really) the Great Aloha Run with tendonitis. Not good, but I finished. Still working on getting rid of it but it’s a long haul. I have until next President’s Day. 🙂 Just kidding. Thanks for sharing this!

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