Ice is My Lifesaver

I battle periodic, but not debilitating, pain in my knees and hamstrings that gets worse after high effort events. I’m not much for medication, so my number one method of dealing with these is ice.

Icing down my knees–and I try to do this for maintenance, meaning daily, rather than acutely, or only when I’m in pain–is something I think really helps. In fact, if there was an easy way for me to ice my back too I’d do it.

There’s a lot of advocacy for the use of ice, the I in the R.I.C.E. method of dealing with injuries, for athletes. Professionals have been doing so for decades. It’s essentially free, it’s not painful, and anyone can do it.

I have to say that ice has made dealing with minor aches and pains lots more manageable.

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