What Are My 2011 Goals?

To do events–I believe in 2011 I’ll do (at least) the three race Great Aloha Run Readiness Series (the first leg of which is done), the Great Aloha Run, the Ford Island Bridge 10K, the Jamba Juice Bananaman 10K, the Haleiwa Metric Century, and some others I haven’t yet decided on. I’m pretty sure the 2011 Honolulu Marathon is not one of them and I’m undecided on the Honolulu Century Ride.

To get faster–I’ve already gotten substantially faster in the 5K as evidenced by Sunday’s results, and I’m hoping to get faster in longer efforts as well.

To lose weight–fifteen pounds by the 24th of August (that date is because of a challenge at work).

To cut my body fat down–in half is what I say but that’s unlikely. Let’s just say down. A lot.

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