We’re Safe and Sound, But Others are Not

Just as I was starting to get some traction in my life (including blogging), a large earthquake hit Japan which resulted in a tsunami warning for Hawai’i. Destruction here was minimal, but we did have to evacuate from home to about a mile inland (we live less than 500 feet from the ocean and although we are not technically in an inundation zone, this is the second natural disaster in the over thirty years my family has lived here where we were asked to evacuate) at the unfortunate time of 1:30 am.

Fortunately, we just hung out in an elementary school parking lot and returned a few hours later, and we are all safe and sound, as are my friends in Japan whom I regularly communicate with on Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, many others are not. I’m sure by now you’ve seen tthe devastation in Japan and heard of the loss of life elsewhere.

I’m still gathering up how to help best–I have already pledged that my March blog and clinical supervision income will go to relief efforts in Japan–but in the meantime my friend Brian Dote is compiling a list at his Skip A Lunch blog.

I’m going to do what I can to help those in Japan. Just because my family, my friends, and myself are safe doesn’t mean it’s over.


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