Doing Okay: Ford Island 10K 2011

It was better than either of my previous Ford Islands, but not the best 10K I’ve run. It was a beautiful day, I ran the whole way through, I made one pit stop to tackle two tasks: tying a loose shoelace and using the bathroom, and I lost a few seconds there.

In the end, my time was considerably better than in the past Ford Islands: in 2009 I ran the race at a 13:18 pace; in 2010 at a 12:13 pace. This year I finished at an official 10:54 pace, taking over a minute off my previous best.

On the other hand, in the end my time was considerably slower than my best 10K to date, the 9:57 pace at the Johnny Farber.

Considering I fell and injured myself a few days before, I think I did fine.

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